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Updated September 26, Full Name : This is the user's full name. It can be also be used as the login name. Tom Nelson is an example. Account Name also called the Short Name : This is a shortened version of the full name, such as tnelson. Your Mac suggests an account name based on the full name you enter, but you can use any name you want. The account name is used as the name of the home directory and as the login name.

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They must remain the same at all times for your user account to work correctly. The Home Directory is usually located in the Users directory of your startup drive, but you can relocate the home directory to just about anywhere you wish. If you're ready to change your account information, here's how.

With the backup out of the way, you can continue.

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Write down the current name of the home directory. Write down the new home directory name. Edit the Account Name field to match the new home directory name you created. The user who owns the account or an administrator can edit an account's Full Name.

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Edit the name that appears in the Full Name field. Click the OK button to save your changes. Select the user account you want to change from the list.

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  6. Edit the Full Name field. Continue Reading. The second element of a kindred name was always an historical figure and almost always male.

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    The northern and southern branches then split into new kindreds all said to be named after sons of Niall and each one representing a tuath with a king. Very few of them at the beginning of the sixth century can be direct descendents of Eogain, therefore they were people from the kindred which Eogain and family ruled over. In many cases, they become so weak that they are absorbed into the incoming kindred, in others they remain in being but are subordinated to the incoming kindred.

    The ua would later become O' in Ireland. The alternative form of ua was Donald mac meic Donald or Donald son of the son of Donald. Meic Donald would later became the form of address. Both ways existed in Scotland and Ireland, but this latter was most common in Scotland.

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    The use of surnames came very late to Scotland, because of this, the period where the form O' had been productive was past, and the form mac was used instead. Scottish History. Scottish Links. Scottish Literature. Current Affairs.

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