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However, if your system is part of a company network, these things have likely been thought out in advance. Fortunately, the disparity between the Windows and Mac versions of Excel are minimal. Both versions support all the major features.

Here are a couple things to note, though:. The Windows and Mac versions of PowerPoint are also mostly in parity.

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These triggers let you make an animation effect begin playing when you click the object being animated, or automatically at the beginning of an audio or video clip. Note that the Mac version does feature all the same animations, and does let you trigger animations with a general click or by setting a timer. Most of the Outlook features missing from the Mac version have to do with advanced features you see when connected to an Exchange server. These include things like access to public calendars, distribution lists, retention and compliance features, receipt tracking, and various social features like voting buttons.

And, as we mentioned before, the newest update to Office for macOS now brings support for Google Calendar and Contacts—a pretty big missing feature for lots of people. The basic functionality of OneNote is present in both the Windows and Mac versions and, in the mobile versions, for that matter , but there are still a few differences:.


The new features in Office largely consist of those that have been issued as updates to the Office subscription version of the product since the last big Office release in These new features include focus mode in Word, new learning and translation tools, accessibility improvements, new transitions in PowerPoint and lots more. You can find out more about them on Microsoft's blog. In the past, Microsoft has focused on issuing new updates to the PC version of Office and hasn't been concerned with issuing a coinciding update to the Mac version, but 's release changes that.

This option is for those that don't like the idea of a monthly payment and have a bigger lump sum available to spend on Office now. It's also for those who aren't worried about upgrading to the newest version of Office for Mac when it comes out, or are willing to spend another chunk of cash in order to get it. The alternative is Office , which uses a subscription service - more on that below. Then there is the creation of meeting minutes.

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If you have Outlook, go to the Home tab, then select Meeting Details. It will give you a listing of your scheduled meetings.

Using Dark Mode in OneNote (and Win10, Office, and OSX)

Select your meeting and watch OneNote pull in the meeting details, including Subject, Date and Location, Attendees and the details listed in the messasge section of the invitie. I used this recently and the feedback from management was laudatory.

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Great app. Only exception is Notability, which I think has a little bit better handwriting capability, but not nearly the organizational ability that OneNote has. If you want to be able to organize your notes into more than just one tier of folders, then you have to move to OneNote. Best of all, I can now selectively cloud-share this info with fellow aficionados so we are not all reinventing the wheel.

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All of my work is automatically replicated across my laptop, tablet and phone so I can refer to it anywhere. Thanks Microsoft. Mac App Store Preview. Open the Mac App Store to buy and download apps.

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Description Capture your thoughts, discoveries, and ideas and simplify overwhelming planning moments in your life with your very own digital notebook. Oct 17, Version Information Seller Microsoft Corporation. Size Category Productivity.

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