Mac os x server 10.8 file sharing

As an example, we removed a user from a group, and while on AFP they are properly blocked, they can still access their old folders using SMB.

Connect to the Mac File Share from a Windows PC

I have confirmed it is not a caching issue, as new content within the blocked folders is also visible to them. This is clearly a major security issue, but I have no idea how to fix it. So basically, the problem is removing a user from a group - it removes their permissions on the AFP share, but to SMB, it thinks the user is still in the group that they were removed from.

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It looks to me that this is a caching issue, but caching of group memberships not files, and it's not just the SMB service. If I add someone to a group, then make an SMB or AFP connection to the server, or a Terminal session, or even log directly into the desktop on the server; then remove them from the group, the active session s seem to retain that group membership for as long as I tested at least a few minutes.

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The effects of this can be a bit strange. The retained group membership seemed to be linked to when a process was started; for example, I logged in to the desktop as a particular user, revoked their group membership, then opened Terminal -- at that point, Finder could still access files based on the former group, but the Terminal session couldn't.

macOS Server Part 14: Connect to File Shares-iOS

New sessions might get the group membership, but only if they started within a few seconds of the group membership being revoked. So I think there are actually multiple layers of membership caching Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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Any help would be appreciated! In other words, a user retains any groups they've ever been in for the SMB share. Also, security needs may change what type of access specific users will require, while other groups of users may even be denied access altogether to sensitive documents. File sharing can be both a simple and difficult task for an administrator to implement and manage securely and successfully.

The key and best practice is to plan effectively first and double-check your implementation before and after placing it onto a production environment.

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Have you run into any difficulties with file sharing on your OS X Server? Share your experience in the discussion thread below.

HELIOS - AFP vs. SMB and NFS file sharing for network clients

He brings 19 years of experience and multiple certifications from seve Editor's Picks. The first command brings you to your home directory and opens the. Last thing to do here is to reload the shell for the above to work straight away.

Enable Mac to Windows File Sharing in Mac OS X

If you need virtual hosts configured I have added a separate guide on how to set these up in the Apache config files. Here are video guides which covers most not. General installation.