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Apple also showed us an interesting setup where a single Mac mini was connected via a network switch to a network cluster of five Mac minis piled on top of each other.

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By putting the 10Gb Ethernet port on the Mac mini if you choose that option when purchasing the Mac mini to good use, you can offload intensive processes such as rendering video to these other Mac minis. Once setup, the tasks are completed by the other Mac minis, while the main one may be utilized for other tasks without any noticeable impact on performance.

Perhaps most impressively, the stack of five Mac minis remains pretty quiet, even when working on those intensive tasks. For anyone who has used multiple PCs at once for complex projects and had to put up with the sound of fans blasting off, this is definitely a welcome solution. We are really impressed with how the new Mac mini feels fast and responsive when running macOS Apps open and close instantaneously, and even more challenging processes, such as video transcoding, are accomplished quickly, not to mention silently.

If you go for the Mac mini configuration with a hexa-core processor, expect even better results. This is a very accomplished little machine that packs some brilliant new features and components for a level of performance that puts many other small form-factor PCs to shame.

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Apple has acknowledged that the computing landscape has changed since the last Mac mini was released. Back then, the Mac mini was designed with casual users in mind and as an accessible device to win over people from Windows.

How to choose your computer for music production

With the rise of laptops and the entry-level MacBook now acting as that crossover device, Apple has pitched the Mac mini towards creatives and professionals. That might sound crazy, but you know what? It works. Prior to moving to Tokyo, I worked as an electronic music designer in New York and Las Vegas, where my job involved building keyboard racks and designing sounds for keyboard players on Broadway shows.

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  • More often than not, the racks I built were powered by Mac minis running MainStage. Despite all the razzle-dazzle you see onstage, Broadway shows actually have very tight budgets, especially when it comes to keyboard racks for the electronic music designer. High reliability is the key factor to consider when building a keyboard rack, and this is especially true for touring productions that prefer to have computers mounted in a rack case.

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    Loading and unloading gear to travel to a new city every week while having to worry about the fragility of MacBook Pros and iMacs is a nightmare. Ideally, every keyboard rack should strive for redundancy and have two of everything, which automatically doubles the cost. Remember that a powerful Mac will allow you to produce great music. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Written by John. Mac vs PC The truth is that you can actually choose either.

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    GarageBand will allow you to create music as an expert. It has a complete sound library that has presets for voice and guitar, instruments, percussionists and session drummers. The design is very simple and easy to use. Within a short while of using the Touch bar you will be able to learn, create, record and share music with the world from your MacBook Pro. The Logic Pro X is an app by Apple that is meant for the professional music producer.

    You will work in particular like the multi-touch dial that will give you the studio feel. The computer can be easily customized and is powerful enough to handle all the tasks involved in music production How to choose the Best Mac for Music Production The guidelines below will help you make the right decision when it comes to choosing an appropriate Mac for music production.

    The new Mac mini is the ideal starter Mac for music production

    Macbook vs iMac vs Mac mini? Featured Posts. Acronis True Image Review. You may also like. Close dialog.

    Is the new Mac mini the perfect computer for Ableton Live?

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