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Are Microtransactions Creating Brokeass Gamers? The Importance of Being Backwards. Video Game Emulation: Piracy or Preservation? PS5 Is Famous We Can Make It inFamous. What's your favorite console gen of all time? PC Master Race.

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View Poll History. Also Worth Reading! Arrr Mateys There Be Piracy Afoot! Why Gaming Doesn't Respect Us. Is Sony Saving the Best for Last? Follow cheatcc. Top Stories. All rights reserved. Privacy Policy. Switch player control to specified faction; old faction may not act correctly as AI faction. The source code under a non-commercial license followed on July 1, Own license []. Freeware with additional restriction. Allen Pilgrim declared the registered version freeware and released also the source code on August 4, Kingpin: Life of Crime.

Xatrix Entertainment.

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Game code distributed with the official SDK. Czech independent video game developer Pavel Tovarys released the Torque 2D v1. The source code is currently in no known repository on the web available. Business simulation game. Public domain software? Voxel FPS open world parcour [].

Despite an unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign in , [] Lemma was released commercially by the developer DRM-free and also on Steam. Magic Land Island now Pocket Island. Around archived on GitHub from other now offline sources. Asteroids clone. Marathon 2: Durandal now Aleph One.

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Released by Bungie on January 17, Shared Source Limited Permissive License []. Source opened under a Shared Source license by Microsoft in August Inspired by Taito 's Arkanoid it has several features more. The original author released in the source code of MegaBall under the Apache license v2.

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GPLv2 excluding compression and audio libraries. As of February Meridian 59 has been turned over to the original technical developers, Andrew and Chris Kirmse. On September 15, they released the game to the public as Freeware and most of the source code under the GPLv2 license. Full game and engine source code released under a restrictive license. Flight simulation. Universal Entertainment Corporation. Source opened of the game boy version by developer Wesley Knackers in on his website. Myst Online: Uru Live.

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Cyan release the game as an open source game in Natural Selection. Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Around the Nanosaur source code was made available by the developer under a restrictive license. Source code released by realtech VR on February 16, In , Monolith Productions released a set of editing tools for No One Lives Forever that included the level editor and model editor used for development. Game code available on GitHub. They marketed their game as shareware for DOS in Survival horror with FPS aspects.

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Developed by Swedish [] developer Frictional Games , the game blends the genres of survival horror, first-person shooter, and adventure. Pinball Construction Set. Bill Budge , Electronic Arts. Scott Adams game designer. Running with Scissors. In the Running with Scissors developers announced that they will release the source code of the game "if someone promises to port it to the Dreamcast ". Some game code and tools distributed with the official game release. Prince of Persia. Apple II source code was long-thought-lost, [] but was found again and released in GPL [].

Proprietary []. Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Revenge of the Titans. Tower Defense , RTS. Custom all-permissive []. Java based game. Announced the game in July, [] by Liquid Edge the game was released on May 23, Rowan's Battle of Britain. In response to the folding of Nevrax , the Free Ryzom Campaign was launched in order to gather enough funds from donations " Crowdfunding " from the community to purchase Ryzom and release the game as free software.

Savage: The Battle for Newerth. The game was turned freeware by S2 Games on September 1, In the source code became available to the game community, [] who now continues development. In Akella agreed to hand the source code of Sea Dogs' game engine to the game community on end-of-support. In March , Croteam released Serious Engine v1.

Seven Kingdoms. Source code released by Enlight in November, Seven Kingdoms II. Severance: Blade of Darkness. Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. Years later around Lithtech source code became available on GitHub under GPL, [] and work for merging game code and engine started. Source code released June 23, Around Ubisoft had ended the official support while still significant issues existed. Therefore, Ubisoft enabled the game's community at Subsim.

SimCity Micropolis.

List of commercial video games with available source code

GPLv3 []. Game code was officially released. On April 30, , Zimmerman , Clark, and Bhatnagar announced a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to revive Sissyfight. Zdnek Stary developed at the Czech development studio Oldsoft the solitair game Soliter for the ZX Spectrum which got released in The game was released by the author in on his homepage for download, in the assembly source code followed as scan. Soldier of Fortune. The C and x86 assembly source code to Sopwith was released in , [] at first under a non-commercial use license, but later under the GNU GPL at the request of fans.

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After Double Fine ended the support of the controversy ridden and incomplete game on end of , [] fans have been working to continue the game's development with the availability of the source code in May under the CPAL open-source license. On May 14, the development studio made the source code freely available to the game's community for easier modding on GitHub under a proprietary license non- open source license.

Steve Russell. Source code became available around the Spear of Destiny. The source code of Wolfenstein 3D, which also covered Spear of Destiny , was released on July 21, In the game's developer Javier Arevalo Baeza released the Borland C source code minus some commercial library part for "you can do whatever you want with this code" on GitHub. The commented assembly source code scan of Star Raider became available in October in the Internet Archive as scan. The never released prototype source code was posted publicly in December Real-time strategy , 4X.

Star Trek: Voyager — Elite Force. Game code distributed with the official GDK. In November Ritual Entertainment released the source code of their server-side code base for multiplayer gaming under a non-commercial license. Starshatter: The Gathering Storm.