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So I want a mechanism that dynamically adjusts my priority based on a health status if you will. I want to have a lower priority if I'm not healthy, and we're going to measure health based on observation of local interfaces.

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This is called HSRP interface tracking. So what I do is this. I decrement my priority, which means I subtract some stuff from it. I might start off with I lose an interface. I'm going to drop it by That is in fact the default decrement value. So if I tie multiple interfaces to this, and these could be the interfaces to the core of my network, lose one, decrement by Now I've got a priority of Lose another, priority of 80 and there are even ways of customizing this.

But what did I just do? I look at the status of my ports, one port goes down and it's a completely new ball game. The standby router can be configured to take over when it sees that the active router has a lower priority. We need another feature beyond interface tracking: we need preempt. We need the standby router to be comfortable enough to take over the reins. We call that standby preempt, that's in fact the command. So we make HSRP preemptive, which means adjust on the fly.


Nonpreemptive says, election only takes place in the beginning. So we turn on interface tracking to decrement our priority based on specific interfaces, we tie it to the protocol, then we give the standby router the means of taking over with preemption.

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When we do that we're sending up a pretty robust HSRP configuration that will allow us to have redundant layer three chassis that our clients are indirectly pointed to. And then, a fail over could happen when a chassis fails or even if smaller things, like interfaces are not affecting the HSRP group directly but indirectly affecting it based on changing of the priorities. We can make HSRP controlled and redundant in such a way to handle these and give us tremendously high availability.

And you can even go so far as to adjust the timers to be far more aggressive than the defaults. Those are things for another day, but you now have seen a great implementation of HSRP. Think back to our discussion on groups. We said, one active, one standby for a group.

Therefore, all traffic for the group is going to use the same forwarder. So can we load balance? Not for a specific group but we could create multiple groups and provide load balancing. We could use one router as the active forwarder for all the traffic that is part of VLAN 10 and we could use another router as the active forwarder for VLAN 20 and then what can we do?

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We can have them as standbys for each other. So if one fails, well then the other one can take on the load of all the VLANs. So yeah, we can do load balancing, but it has to be on a group-by-group, subnet-by-subnet basis. And it's just a matter of us creating the different groups based on the virtual IP addresses and making sure those clients in each of those different subnets have the correct default gateway assigned to them, and traffic can flow like we need it to.

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