Colby monterey jack mac and cheese

When my brother came downstairs this morning we were still discussing the topic of Mac-n-cheese.

Complex Gruyere adds mature flair

Evidently so is my brother! I think you can understand why! Fill a large pot with 8 cups of water. Bring to a rolling boil and cook your elbow pasta for about minutes till al dente. You will need one cup of cube mild cheddar cheese, one cup of cubed Monterey jack cheese, one cup Cache Valley Triple grated Cheddar cheese, or any grated cheese you like, four slices of Colby jack cheese, onions, bacon or ham, flour, butter and milk.

They come in a box with 4 pouches.

How To Make Macaroni and Cheese

Just add one pouch to this recipe! Add chopped onions and saute till tender and translucent. Sprinkle it all over the top of the onions and butter. Whisk to make a thick paste. Use a whisk and keep whisking!!! Show me those muscles! Next slowly add in 2 cups of milk.

Continue whisking as you add the milk, until smooth and well blended. The only lumps you should have will be from your onion pieces. Those are good lumps. Next add in your two types of cubed cheese and your pouch of Velveeta Cheese. Using your whisk continue to stir until it is all melted and nice and smooth! Like velvet! Add in salt and pepper for additional seasoning and flavor. Whisk that in. Hello little pieces of piggy heaven! You should now have a rich, smooth, cheesy sauce.

Ignore the little shreds of cheese you see on the bacon in the picture. They just wanted to hop in early! Stir this all together and set aside. Pour your wonderful piggy filled smooth cheesy sauce Whew! That was a mouthful! Refrain from grabbing a giant serving spoon and devouring. Oh, alright…take a taste test. I know your dying too!

Spicy Parmesan, Cheddar & Jack Mac & Cheese - My Food and Family

Then lay the four slices of Colby Jack down on top. It is my friend! Alright…I also wanted it extra cheesy with a little bit of mild spunk. You could use any cheese you want. Munster would be divine or provolone! The list is endless folks. Pour the remainder of the macaroni and cheese mixture on top of your cheese slices.

Mac-n-cheese should be ooey-gooey-nummy-nummy-cheesy! Hmmmm, what else can we do to make this even better? Yep, that grated triple cheddar cheese, or any grated cheese you choose, goes on top.

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Just not here and not today. This is the mac-n-cheese of cheese lovers world-wide! I like to dream big when dreaming and use lots and lots of adjectives! Now one last thing I added that Dad never did, but that my family L. This is just crazy!

Spicy Parmesan, Cheddar & Jack Mac & Cheese - My Food and Family

It definitely looks better on a year-old! Oops…my mind wandered…sorry folks. Back to the bread crumbs. They were a huge hit! My son-in-law said he loved the crispy with the creaminess of the mac-n-cheese!

Easy Macaroni And Cheese

So, I leave it up to you. You can skip the bread crumbs and just pop it in the oven with the cheese on top or you can add the crumbs and go WILD and live on the edge! I cover mine and bake it for about 35 minutes at degrees. Remove the lid for the last 10 minutes of baking to allow the crumbs to brown. In 35 minutes your macaroni and cheese should be ready to eat!

Everything is already cooked. Time to serve the worlds best Macaroni and Cheese! Your children will not be forced to sit at the dinner table refusing to eat it. Not this mouth-watering cheesy plate of goodness! Oh, maybe if they get hit upside the head with a baseball during practice, and have a concussion they may ask for the blue box, but I think even in a state of total delirium they will want THIS mac-n-cheese!

I know my family gobbled this one down in no time flat!

Mars even came home from work the next day and heated himself up a big huge plate of it. Declared it the BEST!

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She was shoveling it in as fast as her little fingers could pick up the noodles! It hit the spot and was a great week night dinner! I hope everyone at your Nest loves it as much as everyone at my Nest! The printable for the Mac-N-Cheese is below. If baking without the bread crumbs do not cover. Just place the casserole with the cheese on top in the oven for minutes till cheese's are bubbly. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Creamy Baked Macaroni & Cheese

Long grain white rice is combined with creamy chicken soup, broccoli, cheese, and of course…. Thank you Nancy! You are so sweet. I miss my Dad every day but, it helps to keep his memory alive by sharing his recipes. Recipe Rating. Not sure what to cook tonight? Surprise Me!

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